"Hey, scumbag!": Matías Rojas confronts David Rockefeller

In an exclusive interview, the author of the viral video heating the web in Chile talked to “El Observatodo” about why did he decide to confront one of the most powerful man in the world.
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19 de Enero, 2011 01:01

Chilean confronts David Rockefeller

No traditional media reported on the arrival to Santiago of one of the most powerful men in the world: David Rockefeller. That´s how he almost went unnoticed at Santiago´s airport. He arrived in Santiago so he could spend a couple days at his friend Agustín Edwards Eastman´s place. Edwards is the founder of “El Mercurio,” one of the most powerful media outlets in the country, which colluded with Dictator Pinochet´s regime in the 80´s.
He almost went unnoticed. Because Matías Rojas, a Chilean teenager from Curicó, was camera-in-arm, patiently waiting for him at the airport’s hall. A little bit nervous, the young man waited for the best moment to approach him. When the millionaire was about to get in the car waiting for him, Rojas ´camera went on recording mode and he began yelling all those things that thousands, maybe millions of people, would love to yell at Rockefeller.
"Hey, Rockefeller: scumbag!" Matías yelled at the millionaire who, from then on, realized this was no fan of his, nor was this a warm welcome greeting. The video was then uploaded to YouTube where it got 100 views and a thousand comments in less than 24 hours. Numbers keep growing.
“El Observatodo” talked with Matías Rojas about why did he decide to rebuke Rockefeller and which is the message he wanted to send out.

El Observatodo: “First of all: why did you decide to confront David Rockefeller, one of the most powerful men in the world? What was your motivation?
A: I felt it was my duty as a Chilean citizen who is informed and knows what this millionaire man represents both is social and political terms. I thought I should do it openly, to show my anger. I think every Chilean should protect justice in this world, should fight for his rights as part of the humankind and should express disagreement with destructive ideologies Mr. Rockefeller has. Towards him, we should act just as we should do it with any other representative of the ripping elites of our society.
El Observatodo: By doing this, what message did you want to send out?
A: First of all, I wanted to express my beliefs for truth and justice to the Chilean people in a very clear, concrete way. Then I wanted this guy to know he is not safe from our anger, as a responsible and awake group of people, for everything they are doing. And, I also wanted people to talk about this, to force the local media to admit Rockefeller was visiting the country and to report on his very interesting –if not suspicious- summer trip to Chile.
El Observatodo: A man certainly needs courage (to say it nicely) to do what you did. Were you afraid of getting punched by the guards?
A: There is always the fear factor, but I felt I had to do it. I was really surprised by the guards ´reactions, they were taking care of the situation without moving a hair. They are either really used to verbal assault, or the team was just not prepared with strong guards, or they just don´t care: they are awake now and don´t want to collude with their boss. I think there is a little bit of the three. In fact, one of the guards was laughing as I confronted them.

El Observatodo: ¿How did you feel when he was right next to you?
A: Very angry and just couldn´t wait to say everything I felt. Then, it only took a second for the snowball to roll down the hill. At the beginning, I think, he thought I was a fan of his, he even said “hi,” but then he listened to me kicking him out of the country verbally and that´s when his face changed. When I called him a murderer and he laughed even laughter, that´s when I really got angry. I lost it. And just imagine what happened when I saw Agustín Edwards. I had no idea he was going to be right there to pick Rockefeller up.
El Observatodo: There are a lot of people on YouTube congratulating you for what you did. How do you feel about that?
A: I´m honored to be one of the few people who have confronted him. I feel I did something for the name of all Chileans. This episode should be an example, I repeat, for those in the elites can learn that Chile won´t be sold to anyone and that it won´t be a resource for them or a place to hide during the next recession –which for sure is coming.
El Observatodo: You were right in front of Edwards. ¿What does he represent for you?
A: No matter your political beliefs, Agustín Edwards is guilty of colluding with foreign intelligence groups to interfere in Chilean politics (mostly during the years previous to 1973´s coup). I have read many people calling me a “communist” for what I did. I would like to tell them that Rockefeller Foundation and Rockefeller´s oil consortiums have been involved in payments to both sides of the political spectrum. The elite this man belongs to is happy to collaborate with any dictatorial model available. Going back to Edwards, “El Mercurio” was also –recently- an instrument to unfairly accuse Muhammed Saif Ur Rehman Khan, a Pakistani citizen living in Chile, of terrorism, disseminating the idea that there could be a place for Islamic terrorism in Chile. The media empire Agustín Edwards has built serves as an arm for those elite powers in the shadows. An example of this is the Presidency of one of Agustín´s ancestors, Mr. Agustín Edwards McClure, in the League of Nations from 1922 to 1923. Please note that the Rockefellers, once the League of Nations failed, did whatever it took to promote the United Nations and they even donated the plots of land where the organization are based right now in New York. History runs in circles.
El Observatodo: ¿Do you think you represent the youth in terms of being interested in something other than celebrities and trivial issues?
A: Absolutely. Most of the youth today is so contaminated with banalities that all their set of priorities is completely messed up. However, there´s still hope. My intention is to make them aware of what is going on so at least they ask themselves “who is this old man in a wheelchair?”, “what did this old man with such a devil´s face do in the past?”. The best nickname I came up with for them – and for many others- is “Goblinfeller” and it absolutely made sense once I stood in front of him.
El Observatodo: ¿How did you know the date and time of Rockefeller´s arrival?
Thanks to the Internet. Everything is on the web these days. I find myself asking: “why didn´t the media report on this weird gathering? Why is it an ordinary citizen the one who has to confront them? Why does this ordinary citizen have to be the one letting the country know that a multimillionaire banker, guilty of financing the genocide of millions, is taking a vacation in Chile?
El Observatodo: ¿Did you feel like doing something else? Such as throwing a shoe at him, like it happened with Bush in Irak?
A: I think that using violence to confront these people is to play their game. I´m the owner of the truth this time, and that is enough. Also, to use violence gives them an excuse to restring our freedom in the name of “National Security”. Today, that’s what´s going on in the U.S with everyone who dissents with the government or with the global bank consortium, or New World Order.
El Observatodo: ¿Is Chile part of this new order?
R: Of course. Chile having a limited influence on international matters doesn´t means it is of no interest for the elites. Actually, we have clear examples as proof that the elites want to use Chile and Latinoamérica to hide its most important people: just look at Douglas Tompkins and his environment-friendly empire, and the land plots acquired by Ted Turner. Tompkin´s lawyer said to the press a few years ago that those plots were funded by Ford and Rockefeller Foundations. You don´t need to dig too much to realize Rockefeller loves the south of Chile. Otherwise, he wouldn´t be here taking a vacation with Agustín Edwards at Lago Ranco.
El Observatodo: Are you enrolled in any political party?
A: So far, I´ve stayed away from political labels, but I do join a group. It has no clear political or ideological distinction, but we are considering to join We Are Change, an anti-tyrannical organization which began its work by exposing 9/11 as a fraud. Now, it has its chapters all over the world. Our Chilean group likes to call itself the Anti-NOW: Resistance from Chile, and that´s enough.
El Observatodo: Your English sounds good to me. Did you learn it at school?
To be honest, I didn´t speak English properly until about 3 years ago, when I got exposed to online videos about the New World Order. Then I decided o subtitle some of those videos and I worked on my English by listening closely to what was being said and I kept a hand on the dictionary. My English is far away from perfection, but Mr. Rockefeller understood it very well that no Chilean wants him even remotely close to Chilean land. Good job! And I´m proud.

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i left the US after doing

i left the US after doing "911 truth" for 3 years straight. i now live in ecuador. yeah, matias, i love you too. i feel like this is going to put more strength in the extranjeros living here that left the US because we know what is going on. now, here in ecuador, we are starting to fight the chemtrails they are spraying. god love the great people fighting for love, truth and responsibility. again, MR. rojas, god bless us and every decent human on this planet.

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All of our love and support

All of our love and support in America to the resistance.

Imagen de Mike

I Love YOU! Never give up,

I Love YOU! Never give up, never give in, you have so many people behind you, it would make your head spin. We just lay in wait, hoping to solve this peacefully.

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Estimados amigos de El

Estimados amigos de El Observatodo:

Matías Rojas tuvo la valentía de confrontar a Nelson Rockefeller. Por favor, ayuden ustedes a desenmascarar al mayor agente de los Rockefellers en América Latina.

Visiten mi sitio web, http://www.servandogonzalez.org, y lean el artículo "Fidel Castro, ¿asesino de Allende?".

Servando González.

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Great job! You are worthy of

Great job! You are worthy of esteem. Stay open and public, and pray for G-d, direct, to protect you as you have confronted Earthy Evil, one of the chief minions of "the real Anti-Christ," as America's whig (Viz. "anti-Roman Catholic; anti-fascist") Founder and Prophet Thomas Jefferson termed the fascist faction whose Fifth Column assassinated Meriwether Lewis, Abraham Lincoln, the Kennedys, Dr. King, and Pat Tillman and committed 9/11 after only the Supreme Court's Roman Catholics illegally cheated a homosexual draft-dodger into the White House. Vatican correspondent banker Rockefeller is agent of Rome's "Black Aristocracy," the ruling European false elite impetus behind Hitler. Their cash-flow from the Roman Catholic collection plates in America, into Rockefellers' Chase Manhattan Bank (now the Iraqi State Bank), through Knight of Malta Prescott Bush, was the source of "The Rockefeller of Germany's" money financing the rise of Nazism: papal baron, and Knight of Malta, Fritz Thyssen authored the book "I Paid Hitler." Bushes have fronted for the Rockefellers since Standard Oil's cartel was built on murder and arson in 1870's Cleveland. They are the Beast of Perdition and must be expropriated and extirpated. The Beast won't be casting itself into the Pit. The People, under G-d alone, must do the pushing: Are Egyptians better than Chileans and Americans?

Gracias, gracias, gracias...May G-d bless you and keep you.

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