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Located in the heart of La Serena's downtown, La Recova is a must for all Coquimbo visitors looking to pick up souvenirs, sample the rich local papaya, and snap up memories of their visit to Chile.

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Visitors hunting to soak in more than just the rays of La Serena can feast their eyes on the architecture of the Spanish Conquistadors at the recently reconstructed Santa Ines Church.

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Start-Up Chile set out to tempt world-class entrepreneurs to bootstrap their business in Chile. Now, the government-funded program is raking in internationally minded Chilean entrepreneurs and adding local flavor to the worldly mix.

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Twitter users are calling upon the government to reignite the spirit of that coordination effort. They say politicians needs to unite once again to fix problems plaguing Chile.

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Computer guru, Steve Jobs, who co-founded Apple and served as the chief-executive officer of Apple Inc, passed away after a struggling for years with pancreatic cancer. He died today at 56 years old.

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I came to Chile as part of Start-Up Chile, a program of the Chilean government to attract world-class early-stage entrepreneurs to start their businesses in Chile. The program is awesome. Here are the top 10 reasons why...

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The allure of Santiago reaches beyond the city proper and into the surrounding areas. Growing the tourism industry means preserving and caring for the diverse and gutsy outdoor offerings that make the area unique.

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Earthquakes are dominating international headlines this week, namely a 7.0 magnitude quake in Peru and another of 5.9 in the U.S.. Chileans are all too familiar with the aftershocks of powerful quakes.

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Foreigners in Santiago don’t seem to be losing sleep over the roaring demonstrations even though the U.S. Embassy in Chile emailed an “emergency message for U.S. citizens."

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The U.S. Embassy in Santiago alerts U.S. citizens traveling to and residing in Chile of the likelihood of continuing disturbances in Santiago and other urban centers in connection with the student protest movement.