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Start-Up Chile is an initiative of the Chilean Government to attract early stage, high potential entrepreneurs bootstrap their startups using Chile as a platform to go global.

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Nacional » 11-04-2014
Destacados inversionistas internacionales oficiaron de jueces. El proyecto “Sylleta” obtuvo la puntuación más alta del DemoDay de Start-Up Chile y se prepara para viajar a San Francisco. 
Nacional » 01-09-2011
I came to Chile as part of Start-Up Chile, a program of the Chilean government to attract world-class early-stage entrepreneurs to start their businesses in Chile. The program is awesome. Here are the top 10 reasons why...
Nacional » 28-07-2011
Start-Up Chile is a program that lasts six short months. Many entrepreneurs decide to stay long after their contracts are over, others go back to their home country, and others make a new life for themselves in new locations, starting from zero.
Nacional » 14-07-2011
Clara Vieira and Andreas Eberharter, from Portugal and Austria respectively, are the founders of Claan, a media and design studio based in Porto, Portugal.
Internacional » 20-06-2011
"So what are you scared of? Do you think some other entrepreneur is going to steal your idea? Do you think your idea is so special it can’t see the light of day?". By Nathan Lustig, co-founder of Entrustet.